Daughter of the warrior nomads

Create hope, courage and strength from the optimistic biography about the life of a leg amputee
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About my book

"I am handicapped only in the eyes of others."

Asha has a bad fate, at seven she loses a leg. Nothing will ever be the same again. Often she was on the verge of losing her life through someone else's or her own hand. But her homeland is the land of the warriors, she does not give up. With her life she shows how to make the most of a hopeless situation. Her unshakeable courage and her incredible strength make it possible for her to realize her dreams. Today, the native Ugandan supports many charity projects and runs marathon mostly for a good purpose - an unprecedented and touching life story.
I wrote the book to help people in all ups and downs of life.
Take courage from my life story!

Topics covered in the book:


"Three days I have to wait with the worst pain, no one gives me a remedy.
Then it's finally time ..."


"The most beautiful feelings flow through me, never before I had been kissed."


"I want to prove myself that I can make it. I can do it. When I start to walk, I want to run to the end of the world."


"My name is Asha, I was born in Moroto, in Uganda, now I am one of Bayreuths women."


"At midnight I start running with the men, no other one-legged dares this exhausting route."


"Oh dear, I have decided to go to a country where discipline is required of me!"
... and much more

What my readers say...

An example of lived integration in Germany

"I respect your lifetime achievement and thank you for your commitment."

Almost everything is possible ...

"A wonderful book about the fantastic inner and outer journey of a cosmopolitan woman from Africa, who not only holds up a clear mirror to her fellow-countrymen from Uganda, but also to us Europeans."

Impressive biography!

"An exciting biography from the life of a leg amputee, who is not despairing and exasperating in life, but always looks in the future with courage and hope. Amazing what she has experienced. Also admirable are her almost unbelievable goals. It is a book full of optimism that deals with sharp cuts and gives you a lot of courage! "