Asha Noppeney

With every step I take, I have hope and I want to encourage other amputees and people with - but also without - disability to set a personal goal and make life more informed, conscious and active. There is a lack of courage and confidence in one's own abilities. Take courage!



Born in Moroto / Karamoja in the northeast of Uganda. 

Father: medicine man Mohammed Nguku Lonyangamoe, who came from Kenya Machakus. 

Mother: Nakenoi Zainabu, who came from today's South Sudan. From the tribe of Topossa, a part of the Karamojong peoples.


Loss of my leg

At the age of 7, I lost my right lower leg due to a trivial bicycle accident, followed by a fatal medical error. 

Since then I am a woman with one leg.



Primary School in Kaabong und Kotido

7 years



Senior Secondary School in Bashir High School Kampala/Uganda

4 years


Kololo High School in Kampala

2 years 
high school graduation in 1974


Live in Germany


Arrival in Germany

In the 80s I visited Germany and stayed forever. I learned the language at the Goethe-Institut in Munich and studied at the Language and Interpreting Institute in Munich as a translator in English, French and German.



Moving to Bayreuth and marriage

With my second husband Dr. med. Herbert Noppeney, a resident specialist, I live since 1988 in Bayreuth. 
I am National Marketing Director of Juice PLUS + Company Europe GmbH, the world leader in healthy nutrition and prevention, operating in 30 countries.